How to Plan and Schedule a High Quality Language Arts Program

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In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


How to Schedule your Language Arts Program

So that you finally have an idea of how long everything should take each day.  Get everything done and fit it all in. 


What High Quality Strategies are Necessary in a Great  Language Arts Program

You want more than worksheets that just keep students busy.  Great literacy instruction focuses on these key elements.  Learn how to integrate these into your program. 


How to Plan and Fit It All Together

So you can stop feeling like your language arts program is a puzzle that just doesn't work together.  You will learn how to plan out your language program so that all the components fit together across the different strands.  

Teaching Language Shouldn't Be This Complicated.  

You shouldn't have spend all your time trying to figure out how to put together a language arts program that works for you and your students. 

Whether you are looking for a better work life balance or just wanting a framework and structure for your language arts program this is your chance.

Join me live in my masterclass as I share with you how to plan and schedule an engaging language arts program that finally feels like it all fits together. 


You Need The Roadmap That Gives You Your Time Back

  • You are tired of struggling to find, plan and create lessons that just don't fit together. You want a more efficient plan of attack that finally streamlines your planning efforts.
  • You want more than just worksheets and busy work.  You've read the books, sat through the PD.  You know high quality lessons are your goal, but you are not sure how this all fits together in language arts.  You want a practical step by step guide of what this looks like from the perspective of a classroom teacher not an out of touch consultant.  
  • You need a simple and straightforward guide that shows what you can teach when.  You are finally ready for that language arts puzzle to finally fit together. 
  • You are ready to stop the struggle and move forward with developing your super engaging language arts program that your students will love.


A Note From Instructor...

My students love it when our schedule says it's language arts time.  

Years ago I was tired of having to source, organize and create everything I needed for my language arts program.  I always felt like what I had was bits and pieces.  It felt like I had a whole bunch of puzzle peices but they never made a complete puzzle. 

Over the last few years I set out to solve this problem.  Now I want to share with you how I plan and schedule my language arts.   

This can be you too.  Let me show you how it can be done. 


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How to Plan and Schedule Your High Quality Language Arts Program