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Are you a Canadian teacher teaching grades 3-6 looking for a comprehensive language arts program that fits everything together in an easy to follow format?

We all know that teaching language arts is a complex task.  We feel like we are constantly pulling resources from here and there but feel like nothing really fits.  We know that students need more than workbooks or photocopied work packages.  They want dynamic, relevant materials that help them to make meaning from every experience.  Today's students need choice, and instructions must meet the needs of the individual students through simple and manageable differentiated tasks.  

You Know What Your Language Arts Program Should Look Like

But you have no clue where to begin.

  • Research Based Instruction

    Through research we understand how students learn.  Research shows us most of what we learn and remember comes to us in a visual format.  We also know that students learn best when the information presented to them is challenging and  connected to their prior knowledge.  This means that using scaffolding strategies and graphic organizers in the classroom, frequent opportunities to get feedback on progress, and the use of higher order thinking skills are all essential components within a literacy program. 
  • An Effective Literacy Program is Differentiated

    Students in a differentiated classroom get what they need, rather than have everyone doing the same thing at the same time.  Instruction is concept based.  It places an emphasis on making sense of information instead of simply regurgitating memorized facts.  It respects that learning happens over time.  Literacy programs based on differentiation have students participating in flexible groupings. Students work with their teachers on targeted instruction through informed ongoing assessments.  Finally, true differentiation allows students to take on an active role within their learning by providing them with choice and an ability to set and achieve their own learning goals. 
  • It uses a Gradual Release of Responsibility Model

    Learning is a process.  Students need time and space to be able to master a concept.  The gradual release of responsibility model is an essential component to an effective literacy program.  Through this, teachers model the process of learning first, then as students become more competent, they release the responsibility of learning to students.  This helps students to gain true independence over time as they are learn certain  concepts at a deeper level.  
  • Learning is Collaborative

    We don't learn alone. An effective literacy program must establish a community of learners.  Creating opportunities for meaningful interactions within the classroom is essential.  Accountable talk, collaborative learning models, and student groupings are all strategies that should be included within the language arts classroom. Talking with others about what is being learned helps to solidify and clarify knowledge.  This focus on developing strong oral language skills positively impacts all aspects of learning in the classroom. 
  • Learning Must be Transferable and Enduring

    It is not meaningful if it is not learned.  Establishing strong literacy skills is an important life skill.  Students in grades 4-6 have more demands to use their literacy skills across a variety of contexts.  They are required to read, understand, analyze, and interpret what they have read beyond what they have experienced before.  This shift in learning requires teachers to support students in literacy by providing scaffolding opportunities to practice these skills in authentic ways.  Linking the learning within the language arts classroom in practical and authentic ways to real life events and other learned subjects help to support this goal. 

The 3 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make Right Now to Build an Amazing Language Arts Program

You Don't Need Units

Teaching language arts in units expects that students should master a complex skill in 4-6 weeks.
We've all felt the frustration at the end of a unit when students didn't get it.  This is because they need more time and practice to master a skill. It's not that they can't, it is more about them being ready. 
This is why a spiralled approach to teaching language arts is much better than teaching in units.  It gives your students the time they need to 'get it'. 

Give Them Choice

In today's classrooms students need choice.  Choice is also a big factor in keeping students engaged.  It is also a key component in ensuring your language arts program is differentiated. 
Reading and writing is so personal.  Giving students the choice of what they want to read and write about gives them the ownership over this choice.  An engaged learner has ownership over their own learning.  So if they want to write about superheroes, princesses, or dogs the choice really should be theirs. 

Frequent Feedback is Vital to Success

For students to do well they need to know and be told they are doing well.  When students have goals to work towards and personalized feedback that tells them how they did they are more likely to work harder and make more gains.  
Everyone likes to be told they are doing a good job and given meaningful timely feedback.  Our students still need their teacher, not as the sage on the stage, but a guide on their side. 
Supporting students with meaningful feedback will help to support them to more quickly meet and achieve goals as they work towards mastery of a variety of language arts skills. 

What if you could.... 

  • Teach reading and writing so that they fit together instead of them always feeling so disconnected?
  • Meet the needs of all your students without doubling or tripling your workload. 
  • Actually have time to do more guided reading and student teacher conferences.
  • Have engaging and differentiated student centres that had your students cheering instead of groaning over the activities you planned.  
  • Have a complete plan in place that walked you through what to teach when with high quality resources without the prep, planning, and frustration. 


Ignited Literacy

The Complete Comprehensive Language Arts Program

This program will help you fit all the things you need* to teach language arts together so finally feels like once cohesive system.  It is organized into weekly easy to use packages that contain everything you need for the entire week from beginning to end.  


Start with a high quality engaging picture book* with rich themes perfect for junior students.  Then complement these with included shared and guided reading texts that follow the same themes and complement the learning all week long.  Lessons, read aloud guide, and student activities all work together so learning makes sense. 

*You will need to source the picture books, either on Epic, YouTube or hard copies.


Using student voice and choice helps engage students to develop their skills as a writer and is a key component of this program.  Writing instruction focuses on developing skills at each stages of the writing process and allows students to explore different writing forms and genres at their own pace.  Using high quality mentor texts and targeting writing instruction students develop their skills through whole group and student teacher conferences. 

Oral Language

Embedded into all aspects of the program is a focus on listening and speaking skills.  Integrating oral language skills within both reading and writing lessons as a key component of the gradual release of responsibility model.  Students will regularly listen to oral texts and demonstrate their comprehension while learning how to persuade, explain and share their ideas with others effectively. 


In the digital age, a focus on media and media literacy is important for students to understand.  Learning to evaluate media texts for author's purpose, and bias is a key component to help them support their own research skills required to communicate their ideas within other domains of the language arts program.  Creating, and presenting various media texts both within the language arts program and into other core subjects is key to the success of a well rounded media literacy program. 

Here’s what you’ll see inside each week of Ignited Literacy

Ignited Literacy is broken down into 10 months of content modules. Each week for that month contains a comprehensive package that includes everything you need for the week. All course materials are housed in a private members only site.

Picture Book Read Aloud Guides

Each weeks lessons are inspired by a picture book.  These mentor texts model a variety of text forms and strong writing skills.  To prompt meaningful connections a guide to each read aloud is included to assist in modelled reading strategies.  


Using high quality picture books will help you to model for your students what good readers do.  It will allow you to facilitate higher order thinking skills through think alouds and discussion prompts.

  • Think Pair Share
  • Modelled Reading  Comprehension strategies
  • Analysis of Form and Style

Work with students in small groups each week allowing you to get to know your student strengths and weaknesses.  Using flexible groupings, you can meet the specific needs of students and meet them  through small group guided reading instruction. 

Module Highlights:

Each week there are guided reading lesson plans that are linked with the weekly Read Aloud.  These are leveled guided reading texts that teachers can use with their students. 

  • Leveled Guided Reading Text
  • Guided Reading Lesson
  • Guided Reading Assessment Tracker

Guided Reading

Teacher Directed Lessons

Each week, you will be guided through teacher directed lessons and student activities.  These detailed lessons will give you engaging lessons and activities to teach a wide variety of topics. 


  • Reading and Writing activities that scaffold learning for students. 
  • Shared Reading Text to model key reading skills and strategies 
  • Model mentor text paragraphs to teach spelling and grammar concepts. 

Students will work on 4 independent work centers each week.  These activities will allow a high degree of student voice and choice and support differentiated learning in the classroom.  The centers are highly engaging as students choose topics that are personally relevant to write about.  

Module Highlights:

The student independent work centers use differentiated choice boards to integrate and connect information within the centers to the weekly teacher directed lesson plans.  

  • Weekly Reading Responses that allow students to show a variety of comprehension skills. 
  • Student choice Writing Boards allow students to write about what they find interesting. 
  • Individualized Spelling Lists compiled with subject specific words and frequently misspelled works directly from the students own writing.
  • Grammar Activities in context and connected to the weekly learning tasks and mentor texts. 

Student Independent Work Centers

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You’ll get access to A FULL YEAR (10 months) worth of literacy lessons 


  • 38 Weekly Lesson Plans so that you can stop spending hours and hours planning and prepping for your language arts program.  Everything is done for you and all in one place. These lesson plans use a gradual release of responsibility model and have you using modelled, shared, guided and independent teaching all week long. 
  • 100+ Whole Group Activities that cover each specific expectation using a spiraled approach to teaching language arts so students can build on previous knowledge instead of forgetting it.  
  • 114 Differentiated Guided Reading Texts so that you can have one text that works for many students (1 text at 3 different levels) even if they are reading above or below grade level. Having texts that fit your weekly theme and make sense with everything else you are teaching without scouring the book room to find yet another thing you need day to day. 

  • 38+ Read Aloud Guides so you know what to say, when to stop, and what skills to focus on every time you read a picture book to your class. 

  • 152 Centers Activities for students that embed choice and differentiation into the activity so that you can meet the needs of all your students without having to plan different activities for different groups in your classroom. 


  • 38 Weeks of Assessment Pages that include checklists, rubrics, anchor charts, and tracking guides. 


Ignited Literacy includes everything you need in organized weekly packages so you can stop searching everywhere for what you need and trying to make it all fit together.  This is the complete done for you solution that has you running a highly effective and engaging language arts program that will make you feel like you have it all together! (without the planning, prep, stress, overwhelm and sleepless nights) 

I'm Ready To Transform My Language Arts Program

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Sometimes you just need some guidance to make sure that you get your literacy program up and running effectively.  The Platinum Literacy Coaching (PLC) is a monthly coaching program that will walk you through using the Ignited Literacy Program and provides you with video trainings, walk throughs, bonus resources, Facebook community, group coaching calls and Ask Me Anything 1:1 calls. 



Bonus #2 

Getting Started Course

Get yourself ready to go back to school and start day one with a clear guide on how to run your literacy program. Videos and resources are provided to help you learn the theory behind the program and how to get started on the right foot. 


Bonus #3 

Pandemic Planning Package

Since we are teaching in uncertain times it is important to plan for the unexpected.  With the Pandemic Planning Package you will have a guide book that will help you to plan and organize your weekly schedule to make sure you can still use Ignited Literacy with your students regardless of what teaching and learning look like.  Whether you have a smaller class, distance learning or a combination; we'll help you through all of it.


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I'm Patti 


Over the last 13 years as a classroom teacher I wanted a literacy program that met the needs of my students while also being based on high yield strategies that were differentiated and research based.  

I needed something that worked for the variety of students in my classroom and fit with my own teaching style that used inquiry based teaching pedagogies and engaged even to most neediest and reluctant students (because I had many of both) 

I developed Ignited Literacy to meet the needs of my students, keep them highly engaged, and finally have a program that helps to fit all the many pieces of language arts together. 

I can't wait to work with you as you join the growing number of teachers that have transformed their language arts program. 


Ignited Literacy is Perfect For You If....

  • You are new to this grade level and want to get started on the right track.
  • You have been teaching in grades 3-6 for a while, but you are not happy with your current language program and want a better path forward. 
  • You are a teacher that works hard and strives to provide your students with the best innovative pedagogy in your classroom. 
  • You believe that using inquiry-based strategies, differentiated instruction and harnessing student voice and choice are keys to build engagement and real learning. 
  • You know what you want to do but are overwhelmed with the amount of time implementing these strategies will take you to plan and create yourself.
  • You want to be ready now with an easy to follow action plan for the whole year.
  • You are ready and wanting to transform your language program for the better. 

My students loved the read aloud, quote, differentiated short it all tied together. It really god students thinking and thinking deeply about topics. Choice was helpful. Having the curriculum expectations was very helpful for me as well as clearly laid out units. Thank you.



Wow! As a new teacher, this program has been a lifesaver. It provides you with everything you need. I would recommend this program to anyone, especially those feeling overwhelmed with creating a language program.



I'm Ready To Transform My Language Arts Program

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Don’t let another year go by before you create the language arts program you want!


Ignited Literacy is a spiraled approach to teaching language arts in the classroom.  It guides you through the gradual release of responsibility model to structure your language arts in a systematic way. It hits a variety of expectations each week and revisits them throughout the year.  

Because choice for students is a key component to this program their engagement in language arts is unmatched.  In my 13 years of teaching no other program has produced better results and more engaged learners than this format.  

There isn't a magic formula here, it is just based on effective instructional practices and experience of knowing how kids tick.  

But the key lies in how this program simplifies how to structure your language arts program.  It starts by looking at the themes and big ideas and connects the ideas across learning strands (listening, speaking, reading, writing and media) to deliver this all together in a way that makes sense.  

What people asked before signing up for Ignited Literacy.

Are you ready to finally have a language arts program that works?


  • Teacher Directed Lesson Plans
  • Read Aloud Guides
  • Student Centres
  • Whole Group Lessons
  • Differentiated Reading texts
  • Share reading texts
  • BONUS: $20 off Ignited Teachers: Platinium Literacy Club
  • BONUS: Getting Started Guide
  • BONUS: Pandemic Planning Package



Choose The Payment That Is Right For You


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Get access to the monthly units you need as you go. Two months released with each payment.






Get access to the full year immediately upon purchase. 

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