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New for 2020

These plans are updated and include spiralled language and math plans that meet current curriculum in Ontario, Canada. Straight Grade and Split Grade plans are available.


Included in these free plans is an overview of the essential core subjects. More detailed plans are also included. They are organized and colour coded by month and subject.


Cover all areas of language with a spiralled literacy approach from the popular Ignited Literacy Program.   Plans focus on character traits and comprehensive balanced literacy each month.  


Updated to meet the new 2020 Ontario Math curriculum.  Here you will find topics organized by clustered strands each month that use project based learning to spiral the curriculum. Cover both grades expectations at the same time. These plans look at the continuum of learning and match similar expectations so that the teacher can teach both grades together. 

Science & Social Studies

Map out your science and social studies inquiry units all year long.  Using a flip flop method plan what to cover each month of the year to make sure you cover each topic throughout the year.  These plans will help to keep you on track and focused.  


Patti has been teaching a split grade for most of her 12 year teaching career, so she knows a thing or two about the needs of a split grade teacher. You will be amazed at how much time you are about to save by getting a head start with these free long range plans. 


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